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zoloft and other medications withdrawal

I was currently taking  200 mg of  zoloft daily, 50 mg of seroquel, 15 mg of abilify, and stopped it all cold turkey about 3 months ago.  Now I feel horrible, my anxiety is to an extreme, worst than it has ever been before. I feel afraid all the time, it´s impossible to go outside, I can´t look anyone straight in the eye.  I can bearly sleep, or do anything.  My concentration and memory on a scale of 1 to 10 is 0.  Most of the time I Feel like I´m going crazy, and feel like i´m alone even if i´m not. My eyes won´t stop twitching, and parts of my body tend to move without me thinking about it, which I think are muscle spams. I´m sensitive to an extreme, I cry about anything.  I came to another country thinking this issues would go away, but will be returning to the u.s. soon. What do you recommned when I get back to the u.s ?   Should I seek treatment, and begin to take my medications again, then slowly get off the medications the correct way? How long will these withdrawal effects last? what is the quickest way possible that I will feel better, by taking the medications again, or waiting until this withdrawal effects go away? Another issue is, I no longer have insurance in new jersey, so how can I get treatment, and my medication with no insurance? what do you recommend I should do? Please help
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The Medhelp Database is a good source of drug info. Many folks don't even know it exists -it is a great resource.

To use the Medhelp drug database, just put the name of the drug in the search box at upper right. Drug references appear near the bottom of the page that appears; click the drug link for complete information.

As to the insurance problem, some drug companies will GIVE AWAY medication if you can establish the financial need. Not all companies do this, and there are differences among those who do. For a list of companies who provide low/no cost meds, go to


and fill out the online intake form. The service is free (I tried a test case).

You may also visit the individual web sites of participiating manufacturers.

That's the drugs, but by all means seek therapy if at all possible. If finances are an issue, check with your local health department. Meds may deliver some relief, but therapy hold out the possibility of a cure.

Good luck!
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You will feel horrible if you cold turkey like that.  It is quite terrible.  So, try to feel comforted that any human being that cold turkeys those meds will feel like ****!  I have been on several different meds and thought I was smart enough to cold turkey - not so.  You need to check into state aid, or the state/county health clinic.  I hope you feel better.  If you still have some meds left over, I would try to taper myself while in the other country.  Take care
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