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zoloft not exactly working

iv been taking 50mg of zoloft for 2 months now and it hasnt done much for me. it decreased my depression, but the long term side effects are starting to kick in and i always feel lethargic day after day. getting up in the morning at 6am for school seems harder now than it ever has been in my life, and i go to bed at 9:30(which is really early). along with this, iv had a never-ending irritable attitude that i cant get over. i cant reaally focus on anything for more than 5 minutes so i think the zoloft is bringing up some ADD or something. zoloft hasnt done anything for my social anxiety and now i realize the anxiety is why im feeling depressed. A COUPLE QUESTIONS FOR ANYBODY: SHOULD I START TAKING AN ANTI-ANXIETY MEDICATION ALONE or CAN I TAKE THE ZOLOFT AND ANTI-ANXIETY MEDS. AT THE SAME TIME? FEEDBACK WOULD BE GREAT. THANKS!              
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In my humble, non-medical opinion, I think you've given the Zoloft a fair trial and it's time now to return to your doctor and let him/her know how you are doing. Doesn't sound so real great to me. I could be very wrong about this and with many medications, things do have to get a bit worse before they get better............perhaps you are about to turn the corner? But to be on the safe side and to put your mind at ease, I would still schedule a sit down with my doc and tell them what you're going through. What do you have to lose?
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my doc said that zoloft takes about 24 days to work fully. i hope you are going to a good phsichiatrist and not an MD. i know that anxiety can cause me add like symptoms. WOW i cant beleive you are 18 and go to bed at 930. i would try to get off of all meds if you can, with the advice of a good doc. you might be able to do it with exercise and a good diet. i dont know **** you could be doing these things already. i can tell you that the smartest person i know has been on 100 mgs of zoloft for over 5 yrs and he is sharp as a tack. you are young i would try to find a phsychiatrist in cincy that is not a pill pusher, one that does natural as well. i am in podunk dayton and with my insurance i cant find one. i bet in cincy ther would be a few.

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