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zoloft poop out - increase dosage side effects?

I've been on Zoloft for 9 years for panic and anxiety. I rarely needed a Klonopin. About 6 weeks ago I had a panic attack. Normally, I can brush them off, but the vicious circle started. I became somewhat agoraphobic, constant jitteriness and early morning waking. Dr increased dosage to 75 mg. I had periods of feeling okay some days with feeling quite jittery and trembling the next. About 2 weeks in I had the whole skin crawling, burning thing that went away in 2 days. After starting to see a therapist and no improvement at week 4, we decided to go up to 100mg. Given that I am sensitive, fearful of side effects, I went to 87.5 for four days. I started to not being able to fall asleep (only had slight early morning waking after 6-7 hours). That evening I started having extreme nervousness, anxiety, fearfulness and couldn't sit still. I took .25 Klonopin and fell asleep for about 4 hours and woke with the same feelings. Dr. decided I need to go back to 75mg. It's week 5 (day 7 back down from 87.5) and still feeling anxious. I have added .25 Klonopin every night now and it is helping somewhat. My question is...Could it take this long to feel the effects of the 25mg increase? Why am I so sensitive to increases? Should I switch or add on BuSpar? I feel like there is something wrong with me. I don't recall any negative side effects of imipramine except tremendous weight gain so I switched to Zoloft again with no side effects. I weaned off to have a baby and the anxiety came back about 3 months later. They put me on Paxi and I felt doped up so I stopped after two weeks, Effexor for four days again made me extremely anxious. It took almost 12 weeks between the start stop of these meds and reintroducing Zoloft 50mg to feel normal again. During all of this, I had the same horrific side effects. Mostly the anxiety / lack of sleep, etc. Thoughts??? Thanks bunches
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