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zoloft starting back on - this time at 25mg.

zoloft with the combinationo of my xanax really helped me last time I had Panic attacks (actually saved my life) meaning gave me my life back, that was 8 yrs ago, now after having panic attacks for the last 3 months, I have decided to go back on zoloft, last week I made a mistake and took 50mg as my initial dose (and if any of u read my open journal) it scared me with the tremors and heart pounding, but then I remembered that last time I took zoloft the same thing happened, so this time I am starting on 25mg. starting tonight, if I feel anything it would happen around 10 - 12 noon friday, but this is a less dose then last week so I am keeping a open mind and not set my "crazy" mind up for set back, MY QUESTION - all I keep hearing in here are horror stories on SSRI's and like I said this one changed my life last time. Anyone had in good experience with zoloft?????
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I actually prefer Zoloft.  Remember, in my opinion, when we start, stop, or adjust dosage of any SSRI, it can put us a little more on edge for a few weeks or so, but as you said, it worked great for you in the past. Also, remember for every horror story you read, there are literally thousands of good stories (like yours) that are out there.  You are already a little nervous about taking it so naturally you are going to focus on any and all side effects.  I believe that many of our concerns are actually experienced, however we tend to sometimes to magnify the problem.  You know what to expect this time around, which should help tremendously this time around!  Keep us posted.
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thank you for the support!! last week when I tried to start it at 50mg (11pm) it did not hit me until 10 am the next day. so now that we are starting on 25mg only I took it at 11pm and it hit me at 6 am, (I did not go to sleep until 1am and i was wide awake, I HAD TO LAUGH, anyway got some work done as it get hot here in the afternoon (San DiegO). so I took a nap, (smile) , thanks again for the support.
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