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My dr has advised me to up my dose of zoloft, im currently taking 50mg and he fills cause im still suffering from anxiety pretty bad that an increase would be beneficial to me. He has said i can split a 25mg in half to start out cause im scared to get side effects all over again. I do also take xanax 0.5 mg three times a day too. I would just like to know if its likely i will feel side effects all over again ??? My therapist says probably not cause my bodies use to it but im still so very scared but this anxiety is so bad too. Dont know what to do cause i know i should do wat my dr tells me but at the same time my mind is freaking me out ?????
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I have been on zoloft for years and when I have had to change doses I do not have any side effects as long I take my meds consistently, and step the meds up or down how my doctor says.  
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Read this link about zoloft, it was not designed as an anti-anxiety drug, those are in the class of benzodiazipines, zoloft is a  selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor , or SSRI, link here:. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmedhealth/PMH0001017/. It is in reality, designed as an anti-depressant, and treatment for OCD.

Xanax is much for for your anxiety, and works on the central portion of your brain to depress, thus after you have taken Xanax, or any of the benzo's for any length of time, the doc will be concerned that you will be depressed! I mean, we're taking a "depressant".

Try and relax a bit about the meds issue, until a problem has been noticed. It's like worrying about having a wreck before you get in the car. You have a therapist, and I doubt if that specialist would advise you to NOT take your meds exactly as prescribed unless you have developed side effects to the point of affecting you.

If you don't trust your doc to medicate you, you really also need to find a new doc. One you CAN trust.

Anxiety isn't an easy thing to overcome, and it's far more prevalent than most people would dream. But a good team of a physician, therapist, and your own HARD efforts at getting to a better place in your life can make a life changing difference. I hope you will attack this with all you've got, to have a much better life to come. Please advise us.

Best in Health,
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I have taken Zoloft at 50mg for yrs.Last March my dosage was upped to 100mg.I experianced mild side effects going up.BUt they were very mild. Your doctor knows what he is talking about. As far as the Xanax 3 x a day.I have Ativan 3 x a day as needed. I have only needed to take one a day at first.Now I do maybe 2 a month. Xanax is for the anxiety part,and Zoloft is for depression and anxiety.The 2 go hand in hand.
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Zoloft definitely has a proven track record in treating anxiety disorders.  Many medications actually are approved by the FDA for multiple uses and while it may not have originally been 'designed' for anxiety, it can be prescribed long term for treatment purposes.  Benzos like Xanax are usually prescribed short term on as needed basis...Xanax has a fairly short half life and can become addictive if used on a regular basis for a long period of time in my opinion.  However, I have used it in the past (short term) and followed my doctor's instructions.

I have been on and off Zoloft for years and it has worked well for me.  Whenever I start, stop, or adjust dosage I feel a few side effects but they are probably magnified because I am already worried about it, but once I have been taking it for awhile, if I go up or down a little, it is usually really minimal and the long term benefits outweigh any of the short lived side effects in my experience with it.  

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