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well i went to the doc paxil wasnt doing it so he gave me zoloft   well how is zoloft?  any bad side effects?  im scared as usual to take it but this might be the one to get me back to myself....i take clozenpam now 2 times a day  will that interfere  the doc said no but sometimes i dont belive him even though i should..any advice would be good thanks
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Side effects depend on the individual. I am unable to take any antipepressents, I have bad side effects. Other people it works wonders for. My mom takes lexapro and it helps her tremendously. I am just one of those people who don't take well to them. I only take xanax as needed which is 3-4 tops for the month. Sometimes none. It just depends on my anxiety level. I have health anxiety, but lately have been feeling pretty good. You should believe your doctor, he wouldn't mix drugs together if he knew it were dangerous. You can take zoloft and clozenpam together.
Hope you feel better. Hang in there.
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I took both drugs together for 3 1/2 months and now I off the Zoloft but I was only on 25 mg. The main side effect of Zoloft was I felt very subdued to point I stopped taking under doctors supervison. The biggest hurdle now is getting of the Clonzepam and Trazodone because I use them for sleep.
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I have taken Zoloft (50 mg) for 7 months.  During the first week of taking the medication I felt "wired" and lost my appetite but have no NO side effects since apart from loss of 2-3 pounds (some people gain weight, others lose weight, other dont experience any weight change at all).  This drug has helped me out a lot and I am glad I started taking it.  As the other posters have mentioned, different drugs work differently for everyone and side-effects vary from individual to individual.  I think the important thing is to take it for a few weeks and work through any initial side effects you may experience - these typically pass over this time frame and the therapeutic effect will start to take place.

Yes - zoloft and clozenpam can be taken together.
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