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I have been on 200 mg of zoloft for five weeks and I am still not feeling 100%, has anyone had this problem
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I can definitely say that in 5 weeks on Zoloft you probably don't feel much different.  It takes at least 6 weeks to build up the Zoloft in your system to help combat the depression and anxiety.

My question to you is...do you suffer from depression or anxiety or a combination of both?  

When I first was diagnosed I was diagnosed with depression so they put on on an SSRI and that was that.  What was really going on was that I was suffering from Generalized Anxiety Disorder with a touch of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.   They both come with some depression but the main component is the anxiety not the depression.

It took a new doctor and therapy to get the diagnosis correct and put me on the correct combination of medication which was Paxil CR (is an anti-depressant but it primarily addresses the anxiety and the depression is a secondary benefit of the medicaiton) and a mild dose of Xanex as needed.  Mostly in the evening.

I am offering you all this because if you suffer mainly from anxiety, that Zoloft alone will not get the job done.  It is a "blanket" drug they give to most people when they first come in complaining of depression or anxiety.  

If your anxiety is very mild it may work for you but if it is more severe - you will end up back at the dr's office again and again.

Also 200mg is a very high dosage to start someone on - have you been on other medications?
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I did not start on 200 I started on 225 and I have been off and on it for years. I have generalized anxiety combined with post-pardom. I have clonopin but have not taken it. Do you know anything about abilify? Thank you for your response, Lindsey
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I was in the psychiatric ward and given abilify. They thought I was schizophrenic and I was not at all. It was a horrible drug, could not keep eyes open or think. Be careful with abilify, but for someone with schizo it could be great.

Im on zoloft 200 and it does not do much. It helps a little with the deep dark depressive feelings and just a tad on the anxiety.
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I tried Zoloft when I was a teenager for depression and sleep issues. It did great for the sleep issue.  Clonopin I have not taken. But have not heard anything good. I did not like Paxil at all as a female, It killed all want and desire. I personally like Lexapro. It manages both depression and anxiety. Like most other RX's it take 3 to 6 weeks to get fully in your system. Mean while xanax during the 3 to 6 period of time.
What I judge a medication on is this:
  Am I groggy?
  Can I fully function? Physically and mentally?
  Does it effect my sex drive?
  Has the medication helped me enough to manage my anxiety?
  Do I still feel "blue" or am I overly hyper now?
I am not one to deal with side effects and hate being "snowed". That is why I like Lexapro.  
Talk to your DR. be honest with yourself and him/her!   Good Luck-Blondie
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