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24-7 Nausea

I am reading about a lot of you having cravings.  I am just over 7 weeks, and for the past 10-12 days, all food makes me want to hurl.  Even commercials on TV that advertise for food, make me sick.  Nothing sounds good to eat except watermelon and cold popsicles.  I feel nausea 24-7.  It just doesn't go away.  I even started to chew on pepto bis. tablets.  Does anyone feel this way?  I have lost 4 because I am just not interested in food.  I am one who used to spend 1-2 hours a day, prepping delicious food in the kitchen, now I am only ever in the kitchen for a cup of water or to eat a piece of fruit.  

Is there any one food that really makes you feel good, and not like you want to throw up?
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I have felt the same way for the past 5 days.....I am currently 7wks5d and everything I see to eat I am not interested in.  The only thing I have been able to eat with out feeling nauseous is saltine crackers, fruit, peanutbutter and jelly, and on occassion some steak (which I crave often).  Chicken & the smell of chicken just instantly makes me sick along with other foods.  I have also been able to stomach a sweet potatoe (which I know is good for me) and some nuts.....but not too many.  I haven't been able to eat green leafy stuff at all....I tried to eat spinach the other day which I LOVE.....but NOT now.....I hate it!!  Really you have to try a little here and there to see what you can tolerate it.....but I have experienced that if smells bad before I even try it then I won't like it :-)
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I have had it as well and got a prescription fro mthe Dr today for it. She said its safer during pregnancy. Its called Diclectin . I have hard of women taking it for extreme sickness so I am not sure if I will fill it or not. I feel guilty taking anything.
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I have found that sucking on peppermints (like by lifesavers) have helped me this time and last. Sprite has calmed my stomach some, but ginger ale is much better. I would try vitamin b-6 before I'd try a perscription since it is herbal. Those are my suggestions that have helped me.
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ya I may have to try that I would much rather use something natural. I have used preggie pops from the health food store which are little candies that you suck on...mmm I should get more.
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Thanks for the insights!  Great to know I am not alone.  I feel bad for my husband.  I almost feel like telling him to pick up something to eat on his way home from work. (WE NEVER EAT OUT...it's usually not that healthy and it's more expensive than preparing home made meals...anyways...)  

Yeah, I am with you: even the sight of certain foods makes me wanna puke.  I open the fridge, and have to quickly shut it before I get really nauseated!  What surprises me the most is that I don't really feel hungry.  My husband is getting on me to eat more.  Ugh...eating has never felt like a chore, till now!

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I agree with Erin: we should try the peppermints.  That's a great idea.  I have heard of preggo pops.  B-6?  How interesting!

Real fruit juice does sound good. Maybe I make my own fruit juice popsicles!

Thanks ladies!
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I went to the dr today and she suggested the mints as well and B-6 in the morning helps for the early part of the day and combining it with Unisom at night will help you through the night. She suggested the Preggie Pops at Motherhood Maternity. Anything Ginger, Seabands, Emetrol, Small frequent meals.

The Unisom and B-6 did wonders for me last time. I hope that this helps!!
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Thanks, Erin!  Is it safe to supplement B-6 on top of the B-6 that's already in my prenatal vitamins!?

What dosage/strength of B-6 should I get?
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It is completly fine. There isn't a specific dose for it, just in Target or someplace like that, go to the isle with the vitamins and get a bottle of B-6. Just take 1 in the morning and that's it. THe drs already know that your prenatal has b-6 in it and they still tell you to take more. So you won't be overdosing at all and if you do, your body will just excrete the extra that you don't need.
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Thank you erin.  I am ON that today!

Preggie Pops

They're all on the list!
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Hey so how are you feeling with the info I gave you? Anything work?
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Man, NOTHING is working.  I feel nauseated pretty much all the time.  But I didn't try Unisom, because it's basically a sleeping aid, and I sleep fine.  I have tried Gingerale and B-6. Meh. Nothing.  I have yet to find preggie Pops.  I am looking for ginger chews.  Those things are PACKED with Ginger.  I am going to try to make fresh ginger tea.

I have had nausea straight for 2 weeks.  It *****, but if it means I am carrying a baby, I have a hard time complaining.  We waited for this for 2.5 years, and we're grateful!
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everything.makes.me.sick....lol i have afternoon sickness...from 2-6 i feel god awful and from 12-2 i feel like i'm going to feel awful!! lol...got that pherenergen stuff from the dr. seems to work pretty well...for the morning anyways...
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If you are still sick try to see about getting a prescription for Phenegren and one for Zofran. Phenegren is for at night and the Zofran is for during the day. Since the Ph has a sleeping aid in it.
If you don't want a precription the Unisom at night and the B-6 during the day. The combination of these two should help.
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im so glad im not the only one...i wake up nauseous and have it all day until im asleep. it ***** i keep vomiting and gagging. ugh! i love chocolate, but one whiff and my head is in the porcelein. i find that granny smith apples and oranges make me feel better.

i have the preggie pop drops, but they cost a lot. i have the new fruity rainbow colored twizzlers and they help a lot. i crave fruit and salad, stuff i normally eat as a snack.. water is my best friend besides ginger ale.

i feel bad for my husband. he is about two hours away from me for more training(MarineCorps) and i called him up crying because i kept gagging and couldnt get it out of my system and didnt like the way i was feeling and told him i wish he was feeling as sick as i was hold on baby(i puke at this point for some reason) and then he goes...yep you're definitely pregnant and that is was messed up that i wanted him to suffer beside me( that made me laugh and i felt better)


k im done ranting. bedtime for me and baby
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So sorry to hear about your sickness.  I totally understand.  Even commercials of food make me nauseated.  I have to close my eyes.  

Fruit also makes me feel better!  Watermelon, popcicles, fruit smoothies..all help, but not for long!
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ok so I have been having bad nausea and even throwing up alot. My mo got me ginger from the bulk section of the grocery store, it has sugar on it but you just chew it and honestly its the only thing that has worked. Its almost instant!!  The preggie pops and ginger ale help only when I am nasueas if I am actually throwing up they make it worse, the ginger is great!!
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oops that should say my mom
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