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Anyone have there little one yet?

Hi ladies, I'm 40 weeks today!  I'm so ready to have our little girl, I have been having contractions 10 min apart for a week!!  Today I feel horrible I feel like I want to vomit my stomach is so squished.  Has anyone had there little baby yet?  I've tried lots of "natural" labor inducing techniques without success.  I am being induced sunday night if she's not here yet.  How is everyone else feeling?
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I'm scheduled to be induced on April 7th at 38 weeks.  Have been feeling pretty good, not too uncomfortable yet.  Had OB appointment today and doctor stripped my membranes and I have been cramping/contracting since.  Irregular but very uncomfortable.

Good luck on Sunday (or before).  That is so exciting!  Make sure to update us all.

I know Guesito had her baby on 3/14.  And I believe MissLisa was having a C-section last Sunday, but haven't seen her back on.  Don't know about anyone else.
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Looks like i'm being induced tonight, contractions have all but stopped.  I will keep everyone updated.  Good luck on the 7th that's not too far away!
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Good luck to you too!  
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Brennan Connor was born march 28th at 8:49pm he was 7.2 pounds and 18.5 inches long. Dr said you would never guess he was 2 weeks early.
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My lil man Paxton Ryder was born April 12th @ 6:01pm weighing in at 7lbs. 12.8oz 21in long. I was due on 4/7/11 but he just didn't want to come so I was induced and labored for 10hrs. from the time my water was broken and I must say it wasn't bad at all.  Paxton did have a shorter cord that we didn't know about so OB had to use forceps to get him out.  DH and I are so in love with our lil boy!!!  Such a blessing.  Congrats to everyone on their bundles of joy :-)
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