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HCG Question??

Hi ladies!!! I just call my doctor to find out what was the blood work results. Was take at 4w4d and was 1012. I want to know if those numbers are in the normal range or are really high to expect multiples... It was my first cycle taking clomid and Im schedule Sep 8 for my U/S.... Im still in shock :) we have been TTC since 2007 and we are so happy about this pregnancy..

Wish all you have a happy healthy nine months :)
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That is about right in line with a singleton, but who knows for sure.  Mine at 4w5d was 1567 which fell into the normal range.  Good luck on your u/s,  I go in on 9/1 for mine.  Can't wait.
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My HCG at 5 weeks was only 49 but at 7 weeks was 36000. I was a bit worried but it was just about the same for my dd. I think every women and every pregnancy is different.
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OMG! You better be ready for a big surprise! Mine at 4w3d was 610 and at 4w5d was 1639...and now I'm pregnant with twins! Altought, if you research this site you might find all kind of ranges and answers for HCG...I guess you still have to wait, but it never hurst to DREAM!!!!!  Take care!
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Oh wow!  Guess you really never know.  I was thinking with my beta it was a singleton for sure.
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I had my first hcg level tested yesterday 8/25 and it was at 198, this is 11dpfet 2 embies not sure of the grades.  Can this be twins?  There is such a wide range of numbers I don't know what to think.  I also had a miscarriage last March, really hoping this one makes it.  I did spot once for like a minute last week, but have been expierencing a lot of cramping on and off especially after I eat.  Is this normal?  I'm scared of another miscarriage.  
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