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Hello april mommy's

Getting close! how is everyone feeling? I'm new to this sight
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I am so ready to meet our little girl.  Not too much longer for any of us.
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I am also ready to have the baby. 9 Months is just too long. I really dont enjoy being pregnant. I do enjoy the movements and such but oh man!
It will be so nice to not have this giant belly in a couple months :)
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I echo both your thoughts!  I have about 50 days left and can't wait to push this baby out!  I also, do NOT enjoy being pregnant one bit.  Even the movements/kicking are almost too much; it causes a lot of pain!  BUT, she's worth it!  hang in there!!!
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Mommy2teens-Welcome to the site. The ladies on here are all very helpful.

Diamond and Zinke- oh don't I know it. I can't even sit on the couch anymore. I have to sit on the exercise ball, because it's so much more comfortable. I think I lucked out though when it comes to sleeping through the night.

For me. I am a little concerned because I as told a boy, but now I'm not so sure. I was wondering if they do a regular u/s for a gender check instead of paying for a 3d/4d thing. I just want to be completely sure because I have my baby shower coming up in March. Oh well guess I have to make another call to the Doc's office to make sure.
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I am still not sure about the gender of my baby too.  They told me girl at 18 weeks and have not done an ultrasound since then.  I already had my baby shower though and I am just hopping she really is a girl becuase pretty much everything I got is pink!  I would feel horrible if I have a little boy who only has pink things!
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I cant wait. .  .8 weeks to go. Left the Dr. today said everything is fine . .  .Prolly going to have a C-section he said. Still fine either or. .
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Hello ladies!!! Excited i just found this forum!! This is my 4th child but 1st GIRL!! So excited! My due date is April 8th 2011.. I had my last appt. with my midwife on march 7th and I'm dilated to 1cm and 50% effaced.. Baby is low and ready to go!! I hope I make it to April but I don't think I will.. All of my previous pregnancies I delivered at 39 weeks exactly (weird I know) lol and I've always measured right on my due date but this time I'm measuring a week ahead..!! Excited! P.S. How do o join this forum??
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Welcome!  I am due when you are, and I swear my baby girl is making her decent, but I wouldn't know, I have never done this before.  I would take her a week early, as things are getting VERY tight...I can barely eat food.

I am jealous you have a midwife!  That is awesome. I am going to have my baby drug free and I am really excited!!!  Can't wait to push her out!  Good luck with your delivery!
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i have 3 weeks still, and bring it on, i say! Pregnancy is such a drag! But end result, i know, will be well worth it!
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Hi ladies, I'm due April 23, but having a c-section on April 15.    I can't wait either, excited about everything...holding him, having him home to look at, but also excited about not being uncomfortable anymore.   I love the movements and the excitement of pregnancy, but getting ready to be done now :).
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I am due April 29th, i am so excited about meeting my baby, we don't know if we are having a boy or girl so can't wait.
I'm getting quite uncomfortable now as i'm getting bigger really struggling to sleep and walk far as my back hurts.
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