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Hi -
I am due April 30. Very excited but cautious (one missed miscarriage before). I do have a 17 month old little girl and my symptoms with her were always pretty light. Same boat this time. I know my hCG levels have been rising and on a great path since my last blood work and now i am waiting until Sept 21 for the "heartbeat" ultrasound. Ugg a week and a half seems forever away!

I know most people are feeling it all the time, I just don't and it makes me worry that everything is still working. My breasts get sore here and there (then I worry I don't feel anything for a day!) I get waves of queasiness and feel tired - but somedays worse than others. Does anyone else feel the waves like this? Like you are not really pregnant some days? It would be so much easier if I just felt like crap ALL THE TIME!
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I've felt that exact same way.  Yesterday I felt so good all day, I was worried.  Breasts weren't as tender, no queasiness and not very tired at all.  Today it's all back.  We had our 2nd ultrasound today and everything was right on schedule with a heartbeat of 174.  So I wouldn't worry too much.  Easier said than done, right? :)
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174 BPM? OK, I am making a bet you are having a GIRL! Congrats. I wish I could invent that mirror to step in front of to check on what is going on inside. I was like this with my first, too. Always wondering. I am glad I am not the only one with symptoms that come and go.
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Me too.  I never got morning sickness with my ds.  Just a little queasy, tired and sore breasts, but not constant.  My RE told me he was going to dictate a letter to my OB since I'm released today.  I told him to put in there that I needed a bunch of ultrasounds during my pregnancy - LOL.  I have a cyst on one of my ovaries.  It's not big, but grew in a week instead of decreasing.  So I may get my wish because of that.  But if you can come up with a mirror that would be way better!!!

I always feel good for about 2-3 days after a doctor's visit, then start worrying until the next one.  It gets so much better when you can finally feel them move.

We didn't find out the sex with my son, but the OB would make a prediction on what it was with the heartbeat every visit.  If I just drank water beforehand, it would be low and guess would be boy.  If I drank a sprite, it would be high and guess would be girl.  So funny how that could affect things.  I just want a healthy baby and would take either at this point. :)
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What I would GIVE to not feel nauseated 24-7!  The feeling of wanting to vomit all day is in no way awesome.  I open the fridge and wanna puke!  Count your blessings!
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Mine is like on and off. If it comes it stays for sometime or I don't feel anything.My main symptoms are breast tenderness and vomiting sensation.
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My symptoms definitely come and go.  When I reached around 8 weeks I really noticed the difference.  I was nauseous for about 3 weeks and then nothing since.  I still have hot flashes (hormones), extremely tired (at times, not all the time), sore breasts (on and off) along with fullness.  Thats about it.  I had my 2nd u/s @ 8wks5d and I was worried about what I would see since my symptoms seemed to be nonexistant....and baby bean was looking great!  Our hormones definitely fluctuate during pregnancy & our symptoms will go right along with that......unfortunately.  But for us who don't have sickness we can look at it as a blessing right? :-)
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Dude, i would never wish the way i feel on anyone...i am typing this with a cool towel on my head, the lights out so the screne is the only thing glowing, and my head down on the desk.

i can't even lift my head from the pillow  sometimes. i wish i had the light symptoms like you do.

btw this is my second pregnancy hopefully my first birth. my first preg. was a week of nausea and then everything went okay, until the er visit. this time, not one break.
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