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ACL arthritis


I am a 44 year old white female who has had a lot of pain on the bumpy part of the top of the shoulder (right shoulder).  I was diagnosed with ACL arthritis and apparently it was very inflamed when the dr. gave me a shot in that joint which helped for about 1 month.  Now the pain is coming back.  I was considering having the surgery where they scrape some of the bone away and it is replaced with scar tissue.  Any ideas?

Thank you!
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Dear Quickkaren,
It's a good idea to go for another shot of the steriod injection in that region.We can give upto 3 shots of this injection easily and look at the relief.This has to be aided with little bit of physiotherapy. Only once the steriod fails, then surgery can be considered.
If you are so keen on surgery,then no one can stop you.Still i would suggest you to wait a bit for the surgery (until 3 shots are over).
And please go for an arthroscopic surgery if possible.
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