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A.S. and prescribed medication vs. herbal remedies

I have been diagnosed with ankylosing spondylitis and prescribed Humira. Will taking Humira stop the progression of this disease or just slow it down? Can herbal remedies do the same thing as this drug? I am concerned about the potential side effects of taking Humira over the long term, and the risk/reward for me. I am not in any pain and only have stiffness in my lower lumbar region at this time (64 year old M, aware of stiffness at least 2-3 years but thought it was a muscular issue). There are a lot of herbal anti-inflammatories available that can be used long term without serious side effects. I am also aware of the potential progress of the disease if left untreated. I am doing exercise rehab and would prefer to use herbal remedies and diet to stop or slow the disease, if this is a reasonable alternative. Also is there any way to measure the progress of this disease?
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dear friend,
Humira is a type of immune system affecting drug and is being used on a large scale.
However it can't stop the disease as its deeply related to the auto-antibody production. However it delays the disease progression. Hence, i presume, you got your main answer.
Being an allopathic doctor, i am unaware of the ayurvedic treatment,hence won't be able to comment on herbal treatment. But there is no harm at all to try for the herbal medicines.
Presently i would like you , not to think of any side effects of this therapy as there would be lots of side effects (affecting less than 1% of the population). Hence don't think about that aspect... Let the treating doctor take a stand on continuation of the treatment..after a few dosages. You keep the apprehension levels low and go ahead with the treatment.
As far as measuring the progress, that will be best measured by your treating doctor again....as he will be measuring the stiffness , etc...and pain...
Continuing physiotherapy is recommended as it will help you have a better effect from the medicine.
Feel free to discuss more.
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