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CURE: stiffness-inflammation(osteoarthritic)

How do I get rid of the chronic stiffness in my foot(right; & hand) ? Doc surmises(diagnosis) inflammed tendons( I ran for <20 years, now ceased). What's the cure for osteoarthritic inflammation, or does everyone cop out with, "there's no cure" & go enjoy life(while others suffer) ? All palliatives haven't worked(I've tried 'em, even as palliatives, though I'm seeking elimination), since they're the only(kind of) therapies when there's "no cure", including ALL of the AF(Arthritis Foundation) stuff(recommendations). I've had it(osteoarthritis) for nigh 7 years, daily blight, no "good day".

5 NSAIDs(Diclofenac, Etodolac, Sulindac, Naproxen, Salsalate) didn't work, Incredible !, despite my inflammation being not (that)egregious(fortunately, no reprieve), ie stiffness, NO swelling, & despite this being their purpose(ie inflammation relief) Stretching & massage have been done ad infinitum(daily, still) ALL topicals have failed. My rheumatologist is right on that. Cold[therapy, eg ice(pack] is transitory if it helps at all. Heat is inappropriate(aggravates, is a constituent of) for inflammation(osteo)

WHAT WORKS/CURES ? Certainly if medicine(modern) can perform sophisticated organ transplants, curing osteoarthritic inflammation should be child's play ! Where/what is it(then, no palliatives) ? Despite the above failures(therapies), hope springs eternal(but tarnished)
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Dear Friend, I would suggest you to do a blood examination, pertaining to the Inflamatory marker (ASO titre, ESR, CRP , RA factor as well as CCP levels).
This will help us the know whether it Rheumatoir arthritis or systemic arthritis or any other form of arthritis.
Also the treatment module can be defined then.
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YOU DIDN'T ANSWER MY QUERY ! It should be obvious(message above) that I have (conventional)osteoarthritic inflammation, NOT rheumatoid nor anything else(related) WHAT'S YOUR CURE FOR OSTEOARTHRITIC INFLAMMATION(soft tissue stiffness primarily) or A PALLIATIVE(therapy) THAT WORKS ?
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Dear Friend,

It should be obvious(message above) that I have (conventional)osteoarthritic inflammation, NOT rheumatoid nor anything else(related) -
                                 If without investigations you want to make it obvious that you don't have rheumatiod arthritis, then i won't comment. Let it be so

                          There is no cure for Osteoarthritis, except for Joint replacement, if pain is the factor restricting your walking or even joint movement.
                           Cartilage regeneration / regrowth is another option, but requires a detailed pre-work up, where again, exact cause of Osteoarthritis has to be known. However it's still in it's learning curve.
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I'm virtually certain I don't have the rheumatoid(arthritis) One could develop/get it anytime(as I recall), & even osteo from rheumatoid, I suppose. I was diagnosed with osteo in '03 & show no egregious new symptoms which would suggest rheumatoid. If the opposite(were true), I'm certain my physician would've had me do the tests you

I know there's "no cure" for osteoarthritis, but inhibit acquiescing since I (appear to) have it. It's a gambit I use to prod/test physicians & other health professionals. It's used as a cop out, but then it may be the reality. There's "no cure", for cartilage, the degeneration of which defines osteoarthritis, doesn't regenerate(brain cells too) I suspect the same may hold for inflammation(osteo) also, the soft tissues adjacent to joints, eg tendons, ligaments,etc. Is there a cure for inflammation ? As I state(d) in my initial message, I tried 5 NSAIDs to no avail. What's the best(efficacious) therapy for osteoarthritic inflammation ?

Glucosamine/Chondroitin absolutely DOESN'T work !, for the hard tissue, ie cartilage. Manufacturers erroneously(fraudulently) claim they'll regenerate cartilage. I took 'em for ~7 YEARS, & just concluded a 2nd trial: 6-8 weeks, as the Arthritis Foundation suggests, then 1 month reduced, 1 month without, lastly 1 month with the new "fast acting" stuff containing Hyaluronic Acid/Collagen. A complete failure, despite my doctor & rheumatologist recommending 'em. The AF(Arthritis Foundation) says you're wasting your $ if you don't see/get any substantive improvement/relief in 6-8 weeks. Furthermore, G/C is a Secondary/Alternative therapy. I can assert boldly/certainly that virtually all the secondary/alternative therapies don't work. That's why they're "secondary" I've tried almost all(of 'em, unsuccessfully) Worst Pills, Best Pills says not to take G/C because of doubt of 'em reaching the joints(the Chondroitin molecule being so complex the small intestine struggles to absorb it, with it often passing out of the body), no trials/tests have been done on humans('05), & the quality of what's on the market is so suspect, they'd have to be manufactured for the NIH(National Institute of Health) trial('06) !

You mention cartilage regeneration/growth. Is there something new, "cutting edge" ? Stem cells ? I have a small cartilage deficit in my right knee(anterior articular), as evidenced by MRI, after 20+ years of running. My physician says I'm nowhere near requiring replacement, it being more aggravating than crippling. Joint replacement isn't  a cure. It's a "quick fix" (they really push it here @ the local hospital) "Curing" is rehabilitating/repairing a patient's existing tissues: a physician's calling/directive

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