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Chronic neck pain 20 years after car accident

I am a 42 year old female who has always had sore shoulders, I assumed everyone had sore shoulders/neck.  I was in a car accident 20 years ago where I rolled a car on a mountain and was in a lot of pain, but being young and stupid didn't tell anyone and never got it checked out.  That combined with my sore muscles has had me constantly sore and in some level of pain, which has progressed over the years.  About 8 years ago a doctor did an MRI and they said there was evidence of a past, small fracture in my neck and they stated that my neck is straight rather than having a natural curve to it, they also told me I had arthritis in my neck at that point.  I also have tender spots at the base of my skull, on my scalp, and shoulder blades (have for many years).

In the past 3 months the pain in my neck has been much worse.  I feel like I have whiplash 24/7.  My pain management doctor said it doesn't seem like my neck is out of alignment and has suggested massage therapy which I did the other day.  The therapist said my muscles are in extreme spasm.  Aside from that, the only suggestion my doctor has is to take vicodin and flexeril and to use lidocaine patches.

Please tell me there is more I can do than that!  I have 4 kids, own a business and would like to get back into running (but the pain is making that difficult right now).

Is there reason to do another MRI since it's been a few years?   I can barely turn my head to the side which makes me uncomfortable when I drive, yet I can't take vicodin or flexeril and function.  What else can I try?  Any other diagnostic tests?  I am so tired of being in pain 24/7....I honestly can't remember the last time I was pain free.

Sorry this was long, thanks for taking the time to read it.
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Dear Friend,
The longer the post, the better it is for me as they contain more details.

I would suggest for a MRI of the neck with shoulder screening.
It should help us a lot as we need to evaluate  the spasm and neck stiffness causes also, in context to disc problem also.
Till you get the MRI done, i would suggest you for a cervical collar also as i am thinking more in terms of Cervical problem rather than shoulder issues.
Also please take some muscle relaxants, which will ease out the spasm of the muscles and anti-inflamatories so as to help you relax a bit, from the pain.
Avoid long sitings in from of the computer  or driving too much.
I hope your query was resolved,
However please discuss, if you have slightest of doubts inside your mind.
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