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Hip Arthritis?

About 6 months ago i started haveing trouble lifting my right leg after a long walk. A couple of months ago i started having pain in my front and inner thigh when i walk food shop etc., now if i walk too long i get pain in my thigh down to my knee and in my groin. Feels like muscle stain, bur goes away when i rest. I also get pain in my leg when i sleep. I am overweight. Its does not hurt when i resting.  My doctor took xray and said i had some norrowing of the cartalege in my hip. Will arthritis of the hip cause pain in my thigh and groin?
Anyone have this problem?
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Dear Friend,
Well hip arthritis can cause this problem.
Also arthritis results in the muscle weakness, which again results in pain and weakness.

Also we have seen that hip problem may cause knee pain / groin pain. This is due to the fact that knee and hips have a common nerve supply hence "Referred Pain" may be present.
So the best way out is to follow the doctor's advice as he has examined you physically and hence will be able to guide you in a better way.
For me, early arthritis is a pretty much treatable condition.
Just need to work on the muscles, of keep them active.

Feel free to discuss more, for further dicsuccion.

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