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Is this an arthritis? If so, what type would you think?

This flared up about a month and a half ago, and is in the middle joint of my right index finger, the PIP joint. It has gone through cycles of being almost normal to....like today- more swollen and painful than ever. The joint is tight, painful, and has a good amount of fluid over the knuckle.  It is a sausage-like finger now.  Warming it and slowly working it get some movement back for the day.  There seems no rhyme or reason for what flares it up.

Primary Doctor did tests for Lyme,Antibodies, and gout....all came back negative.  Thinking STD complication from a riskier than my usual sex encounter(though it was protected sex)- ie Chlamydia/reactive arthritis- I got tested for Gono, chlamydia, HIV, and syphillis....all negative.  

Orthopedist says arthritis and tried therapy, which has done nothing really, I see him again tomorrow. Ibuprofen or Naproxen has done minimal at best. I am 33, never had a memorable injury to this finger, and no other finger or body joints are a problem. I am going to schedule an appointment with a Rheumatologist today, as I have the feeling the Ortho will let me down tomorrow.  

Does this sound like arthritis?  Could this be something like reactive arthritis, despite having no other real substantial symptoms(like UTI or eye problems)?  Any help is appreciated.
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Dear James,
Well it surely a bout of arthritis.
How are you doing now? I guess, he must have done all the basic work up of arthritis profile...like ESR, CRP, RA factor and ASO titre.
DO let me know the reports.
If your condition is fine, then we can discuss further mode of management, however if arthritis is not OK, then we shall discuss the treatment.
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Have you considered psoriatic arthritis, sausage fingers are common in this type of arthritis and you dont always have to have visable psoriasis.
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