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Is this gout I am feeling


I am a 40 yr old male.  In fairly good condition.  I take 20mg Lisinopril (sp) for high blood pressure.  It is under control.

I have suffered with Gout since I was 25.  For the last 2 years I have been taking alluporinol with great success.  

My gout conditions were not typical.  I would get them in a joint on the top of the foot.  I have only had one major episode since I been on Aluporinol (my own fault - excess food and drink).

Lately I have had patella knee tendonitis which if finally healing.

But anyway, to my questions.  For the last 3+ years I have been getting hot toes sometimes after eating a big meal(right away or within a couple of hours), have an alcoholic drink, getting out of the sauna, walking or running, or excessive heat.  

Seems like once my feet start sweating, I get the hot toes only on the left foot.  Either a few hours later or sometime the next day, the top of my foot, my ankle and the outside muscle of my shin gets achy.

Wearing a sock and shoe does not hurt, but it feels "tight" (almost like I have a sunburn).

I do not have any inflammation or redness.  I can walk normal with no pain.  No pain to touch.  In order to feel the achy or tired muscle, I have to rub hard.

The last few time I had blood taken for Gout, I was not feeling this condition and my purine levels were good.

Aleve, colchechin (sp), Ibuprofin, and diclofinac (sp) do not seem to help.

Looking to see if this sounds like gout, or anyother suggestion.

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Dear Friend,
All the presentations / symptoms / factors mentioned are typical of Gout.
Especially it has been observed that after Alcohol intake, high protein diet intake, the gout aggravates and may present as pain over knees/toes.
So please keep a check on all these things.
Also request you to have a check on the Sr Uric Acid , in your blood.Maybe once in 3 weeks you can have an analysis of it, to get  the details.
Also there is an irony of Gout. Sometimes the Sr Uric Acid levels are normal, but still Gout may happen.
So  it's highly unpredictable ailment.
So please continue on the medications provided by your doctor and have  good water intake (more than 3 liters of water) for a better resolution, along with the medicines.
Feel free to discuss more.
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Update on if this is gout.

Two joints in upper foot are sore to touch.  Follow joint half way down foot and some soreness.

Seams like this is the same area that I have been having issues with.

Still no swelling, no redness, no heat being given off from that joint.

This current pain seemed to come a day after I took my dog for a 2 mile walk and then went bowling.

Any comments are welcome.
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Thanks for the response.

I typically drink just under 3 liters of water a day.

I will increase my intake and see what happens.

It is just strange that I have lost about 10 lbs in the last year, have reduced what I eat and drink and seem to be having more flare-up of the gout.
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Hi Abhijeet,

Thanks for your respose.  I did have my uric acid levels checked last week and they came back at 6.4.  Below the levels of gout attacks (7.2).  

That night I went to the Gym and felt fine.  Then sat in the Sauna for 20 minutes.  I came out/took a shower and then put my sock and shoes on.  Once I put the socks and shoes on, my toes felt hot.  About an hour later the top of my foot, ankle and shin ached. This lasted for about a day.  No swelling, no redness or yellow spots, etc.

I had a very light lunch that day.  Low purine and with Fruit.

Typically I drink about 2.98 liters of water a day.  That day I drank close to 4 liters of water.

Same as yesterday.  I had a Salad the night before, with nofat cottage cheese, had nonfat yogurt for breakfast, and had a pulled chicken sandwich with strawberries on the side for lunch.  Also had about 2 liters of water by lunch time.  With cherry juice drink in the morning.  

After lunch again my toes got hot and later in the day my ankle/shin/top of the foot was achy.

Please let me know if your still think this is the gout.  I am living a low purine diet with many uric reducers included and I am still having problems.
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Hi Friend,
I would still label this as gout as the value is on the borderline.
You are on constant medications , so the level should be around 3-4 (For Sr Uric Acid).
But a high level, justifies the diagnosis.
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Hi Abhijeet,

I did see my Rheumatologist and he stated my symptom and foot are not gout.  He suggested nerve damage or a food allergy.
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