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Joint Pain and Sore Throat

I have been have had fairly severe joint pain for 2 weeks now. It is accompanied with a mild sore throat and slightly swollen tonsils. Before any pain began I had about 3 weeks of a mild cough, that is almost nonexistent now. The symptoms are:

* Painful and some swelling joints, both sides of the body: neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, some finger, hips, knees, ankles and big toes
* Morning pain, sometimes cannot raise one or both arms to brush hair, etc.
* Sore swollen tonsils (but not largely swollen and with no white marks - like a mild sore throat, worst at night)
* No fatigue (other than I am in pain constantly - but without the pain lots of energy as usual), no change in appetite or weight
* At the beginning of this felt I had a slight fever for a day and a half, at which point I was fatigues, but since then no fever, no fatigue
* Difficulty performing daily tasks like driving a car, brushing my teeth, until after around 3pm
* Feels like part of my body is sore, including my jaw, under my tongue, the nerves on my temples next to my eyes, etc.

Wondering if you have any insight for me. One last thing you should know, 8 weeks ago I was in the northeast in an area with much Lyme disease. I never found a tick, or had a rash, and never got a even mid level fever.

The only thing that seems to help the pain is a hot bath.

Thanks for your help!!
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Dear Friend,
How are you doing now? I hope that the present bout of reactive arthritis has settled.I need to know your present condition,before giving you specific reply.
I hope you have understood the present etiology of this condition. It was nothing but a reactive arthritis, which will subside slowly,as the disease etiology subsides.
Lets discuss further,about the present condition.
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I´m suscpecting one of the followings.
1-Rheumatic fever: usulay throat pain preceed jonit pains.
2- Gonoccoal infection that cause throat infection and joint infection but usualy single joint.
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Dear Dr. Ghosh,
My condition remains the same. Some days better than other. It has been 3 weeks with the worst of the symptoms. The pain continues to migrate and is now is muscles and tendons as well. It remains in the wrist and hand joints, also in feet, with the rest of the pain mainly in muscles and tendons of my shoulders, knees and calves. One day my left mandibular joint was so sore I couldn't chew. Another day a molar was in pain and made eating on that side of my mouth impossible. But like most of these pains they migrate in 24 hours and new spot hurts more. I continue to have a dry cough, mild but persistant. Now that I think about it the cough began about 7 weeks ago. Any insight is appreciated. If it is reactive arthritis how long does that tend to last?
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