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Joint and shin pain

Ok, I'm a 29 year old female w/ Crohn's Disease. I'm currently on Prednisone for a flare. On Mon. I started having pain in my ankles, knees, hips and the front shin bones. I also had cramps in my feet; bones in my feet felt like they were twisting and I had to "push" them back. Tues. my feet cramped again & the pain in my joints increased, especially the pain on shins. To the point that I was having trouble walking more than a block at a time. The pain in my joints feels sharp & grinding & is worse in the joints I've damaged in the past (right broken ankle, 2009, stress fractures in left hip and knee, 2005). The worse is the pain in my shins. The muscle is sore but also when I put any weight on my shins its as though the bone is ready to snap. When my dr. called to check in about my flare I told this to her & she said it was probably the meds or the crohn's making me sore. Today I cant put weight on my legs at all. The bottoms of my feet feel twisted & to walk at all feels exactly like walking on broken bones. In fact I'm having to hobble to the bathroom like an elderly lady. Today even my spine hurts but I havent noticed any swelling in any of my joints though my legs seem warm to the touch. I've taken ibprof and oxycodone but neither made any discernible difference.I can live with the pain. I am concerned about whether there is a possibility that something is actually wrong beyond some prednisone side effect or Crohn's arthritis. More specifically I'm concerned that by moving around I'm causing damage to the muscles or joints or whatever. I don't want it to get worse by putting weight on the joints. My mother, aunt & two cousins have mixed connective tissue disease, so I'm worried about that. Should I bother my doctor with this again? Could it be a serious complication or something new? Could my bones actually break because thats the way it feels? Or is this normal crohn's arthritis? I'm in the middle of writing a thesis and totally stressed.
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Dear Friend,
You are already having an autoimmune disease and also on medications.
The problem is , to control the flare up pattern higher medicines have been started.
But these medicines are know to have side effects, predominantly is osteoporosis.

Due to this, your bones have become weak and weaker and hence you are facing all these problems. It would be really nice if some calcium supplements can be started.
Also steriods are known to be causing avascular necrosis of the hip as well as facial puffiness, so be careful for the same.
I think you need to discuss more, with your treating doctor.
I presume that your queries are cleared.
If you still have doubts, please discuss further.
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