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Joint pain and itch

So two months ago I was diagnosed with epidimitis.
I was given doxycycline due to which i got really bad gastroenteritis.
I finished my dose which was for 10 days twice daily and as soon as it ended. The very next day I took azythromycine.

After that a lot of trouble began. I got diarrhea, oral thrush and pains underneat my arm. I got my HIV test done it came to be negative at 7 weeks.
I got my hep C , b12 and thyroid done at 2 months and it came to be negative. I also got jock itch at 2 month period
Now I have started getting pains in my fingers,toes under my feet and behind my knees and under my arms.
MY thumb hurts in the left hand and every time i touch a metal it kind of sends a shooting pain in my thumb but my thumb has to be directly touching it. My right him hurts and so does the back. My face gets real itchy during nght time. but lasts like 10-20 minutes.

My question is can antibiotic cause this muuch pain even after 6 weeks of being done with them and can they cause arthiritis?
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Dear Friend,
Am sure that you are having symptoms of reactive arthritis. Control of the arthritis is possible by controling the infection along with gaining control over the various reactive agents, inside your body.
Regarding the time period, mentioned as 6 weeks, we have seen patients coming with reactive arthritis, having an interval of 3 months also. Hence, there is a high possibility of this condition.
Yo may get yourself tested for Gonnorehea or Chlamidya also. But do get the HIV re-tested after 6 months also. Are you having a poor or risky sexual history?
Please let me know further, so that i can answer you further.
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Also if i get tested for gonnorehea and chlamidya again will they just show up on my urine test. If they are causing reactive arthiritis?

And I have just been prescribed Diclofenac
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Hi Doc,
So I did get my HIV test and Gonnorehea and Chlamidya two month since last unprotected vaginal sexual exposure. They all came back negative. My pains have subsided very much without even taking any medication. I have become very itchy lately and jock itch which hasnt gone in the past month.

Doctors say I dont need to test again?
What do you suggest?
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