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Knee pain

Dear Doctor,

I am a young woman of 27 years old. The last ten days i am having constant knee pains, feel weak and the pain sometimes wakes me up at night and in the morning i feel like my legs are so tired. The pain continues during the day as well, it is constant all the time. In general i feel sleepy and in pains. Can it be arthritis, but i am so young? I also have constant pain in the lower back. What kind of tests should i do? A complete blood work and a blood test for rheumatism? Also i want to mention that the pain gets worse when i walk and i need to rest,,,after resting 10-15 mins the pain comes back again very strong and it stays constant more or less.
I would like your opinion as i am very worried.
Best Regards,
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Dear Hanna,
First of all, please lower the stress level.
We cannot rule out arthritis (even though your age is less), but we need to investigate the same.
X-Ray of the knee (A.P view and Lateral Vies) are must, to rule out possibility of arthritis.
Blood tests would be important if you want to rule out Rheumatoid Arthritis (Complete blood profile , ESR, RA factor, ASO titre,CCP) are the basic few tests for RA.
So request  you to update me, after these tests.
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