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Raynaud's phenomenon

With Raynaud's phenomenon are the drugs associated with treatment addictive?  Here is a clip of info I found online:
"Most of the medicines used to treat people with Raynaud's are given to improve blood flow to the extremities. These medicines include calcium channel-blockers, such as:

    * Nifedipine
    * Amlodipine
    * Diltiazem
    * Felodipine
    * Isradipine

Calcium channel-blockers help limit the number and severity of attacks in about 2 out of 3 patients with Raynaud's."

I keep gloves with me, avoid to much A/C, keep those tear open packs with me that heat up, avoid stress whenever possible, etc.  I was diagnosed over 4 years ago with this.  Over this last week I am detoxing from an addiction to Tramadol and do not want to take anything habit forming.

Thank you in advance for your help!
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Dear Friend,
All the medicines , in general practice, have some or other form of side effects.The good point is that the occurrence of these side effects are very very little.
But if you think about the addiction of these medicines, chances are too less, but not 100%.
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