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Related to RA ??

I was diganoised with RA in 2003..Also Hashmoto Thyroid..
Since..I've taken about every anti-inflamatory med..MTX..
At present I take Predisone when swelling & pain (flaring)..+ D.Mard..
I have a question about my L. big toe..
It is fused..swelled..on the bottom of the toe is a sore..
the toe stays numb...my question ..I have not injured  this toe in anyway,,,
So I can't figure out why the sore??
My last Dr. visit & blood work was 2 weeks ago...
B/work was good..for me..
I sure would appreciate any input on this...
Thank you for help...
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Dear Blueyes5,
You have already mentioned that you had been diagnosed with RA in 2003.
RA is characterized by small joints arthritis (pain,swelling,fusion).So i am not surprised by the fusion of your left big toe.Moreover you are taking Methotrexate also.And this drug is known to increase the blood uric acid level.So chances are that you may had Gout also,which is the cause of soreness over the toe.
The third possibility may be of a stress fracture due to the weakness of the bone at that part.So in case the bloods were normal, it would be a good idea to have an X-Ray done, of the sore region.
These is no other possibility, which may be causing the soreness.
Feel free to let me know, once you get the X-Ray done so that we can discuss further.
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