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Right hand pain

27 y/o male here who has been having some pain in the right hand for the past two weeks or so.  Specific pain when I make certain motions (squeeze something, grip something, etc.), otherwise just a little stiff.  Worse on waking, seems to be localized to my knuckles and finger joints in my index and middle finger, but there's definitely radiating pain throughout my hand when I move just right (which is fairly often).  No weakness, numbness, lack of sensation, tingling, dropping stuff, etc.  No pain in the other hand, no noticeable swelling or heat, no fever.  I went to a PA today (university health service) and I asked specifically about RA or a neurological problem, as I've never had pain/sensation like this.  He played with my joints a little (no noticeable pain).  He's got me taking 600 mg of Ibuprofen three times a day for a month and a half, watch my typing/repetitive hand use during that time, etc.  I did buy a new laptop at the beginning of this term and it has been awkward to type on.  I'm going to use my desktop when I can, but for reasons that are immaterial, I can't completely reduce/eliminate my typing.

Should I get a second opinion here?  I'm specifically worried about RA.  From what I've read online, it seems like early, aggressive treatment of RA tends to improve chances all around later on down the road.  The PA told me that waiting a month and a half to see how things go on the Ibuprofen and a change in habits wouldn't make a difference.
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Dear JS,
It's too early to start thinking of RA.To diagnose RA, there must be few symptoms present for more than 6 weeks - Early morning stiffness, small joint pains,migrating joint pains,on an doff joint swelling, etc. Before 6 weeks, we don't think in terms of RA.
I would suggest you ibuprofen for only 3-5 days and then stop it completely.
However since these symptoms are more than 2 weeks, you can get a blood profile done (ASO titre,RA factor,CCP profile,ESR and basic blood test), to rule out probability of RA.
In general it's seen that people who work on the computer too long , usually get the wrist pain due to keyboard.So would suggest you to do the basic blood tests, if the pain persists after taking ibuprofen.
I would never discourage you to go for the second opinion.
Feel free to ask us more.
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