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Symptons, treatments for arthirities

I am 61 year of age, suffering from joint pains of and on and knee pain, i would like to know the Symptons, treatments for arthirities.
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Dear Tara,
Many thanks for posting the question.
Symptoms - Joint pain, swelling, early morning stiffness, improper walking, are the basic symptoms noted.
Treatment -
1) Medical Management is via pain killers to control the initial pain.Once the pain is less, physiotherapy is done to increase the tone and strenght of the muscles.Also we advice cartilage nutritional medicines to promote better cartilage repair to slow the speed of the arthritis.
2) Surgical management is via
a) Arthroscopic joint debridement to shape up the damaged parts for a better load sharing so as the slow the speed of the arthritis.
b) Joint replacement, in the form of unilateral / complete depending upon the area of damage.
c) Joint fusion, if chances of joint replacement success is meek.
I hope i was able to give a fruitful and concise answer.
Feel free to discuss more.
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