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Thumb/wrist problems

I hope you can help me with my problem. Over a year ago I felt a sharp pulling pain in the fleshy part of my thumb The pain and aching in my wrist pasted  after a day or so. Many months later I felt this pain again. It usually passed quickly. Seven months later I noticed that I could not support things like a coffee cup and went to the dr. X ray result indicated normal, no obvious arthritis. I began to experience a rapid increase in loss of strength, grip and dexterity.Opening jars, turning keys, turning small objects or picking up finger food, like peanuts. I have woken with a hand that feels dead and sometimes with my whole arm feeling dead. Currently I experience pain with almost everything I do, doing up bottons, pulling up socks, writing, using the computer, operating the TV control makes my wrist ache as does my hand flexed over the chair. Holding objects raised makes my wrist ache quickly. I also have stinging pain in the centre of my palm, three fingers, and running up the front of my thumb as well as three inches up the inside of my arm. This area looks a little swollen.
I had another x ray a few weeks ago which reveals a bone spur at the base of the thumb. (Arthritis?) I also had the grind test which was very painful at the base of the thumb and at the front of my wrist.
I have been given a cortizone injection a few weeks ago but still experience the above symptoms. However, the area which was swollen for months
I have tried the epl test and cannot raise my thumb very far from the table.
Is all this happening from arthritis at the base of the thumb? I am concerned as I seem to be experiencing more symptoms as time passes.
I appreciate any help you can give me.
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Dear Friend,
Well arthritis can really cause much discomfort.Normally we see Dequervian's disease/synovitis when the person experiences pain in the thumb.Especially when you try to take the thumb inside while making a fist (Finklestein's test).Normally  steriod (cortisone) injection helps.Literature says, upto 3 shots can be given.However if it's not relieved, we need to do a minor surgery and relieve the tendon of the constriction.
Since it appers that this condition is really bothering you, why don't you opt for this surgery.It will take maximun 30 minutes.
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Thank you so much for your help. The thing is I have researched quite a bit, but nothing seems to indicate a particular problem, rather I seem to have varied problems. The test you talk about does not create any pain, although I have pain, mostly of the stinging type up the front of the thumb. I would say that if I make a fist and try to flick the wrist towards my arm, its stiff and reluctant. Going toward the pinky seems ok.

What I refer to as the origional pain in the fleshy part of the thumb which normally feel like pulling, tugging comes on without any particular weight with a lot of simple things I do, like doing buttons. I find that I cannot pick up things well and drop things oftern. By the way I cannot make the Ok sign with this thumb, rather it is a squashed circle shape. I do not know what this means. If. I stretch the thumb in towards the hand this hurts in the fleshy part.

I am getting upset because if I do not know what the problem is.  I do not know what to do to make it better.
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Dear Shirleyone,
I am sure that you are having Dequervian's synovitis. And you can try one more shot of Steriod.If still it is not helping you, surgery will be the last option.
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Thank you very much I will mention this next time I see the hand specialist.
I am now curious, if nothing was done what would happen.  And even though  the jag was terribly painful and I spend two days in agony after first cortisone I will try another.
Your help with this is very helpful and very much appreciated.
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I have the same thumb problem you are describing.  I went to a sports medicine doctor and he took x-rays of both thumbs and I have Basal Joint Arthritis in both.  He gave me a cortisone shot in the left thumb (which is the one that is irritated this time) and it seems to help.  I have cartilage left in both so it is not time to do surgery but in the future he said they can put an implant in to replace the cartilage and relieve the pain.  
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Thanks for you comments.
Hospital report states grade 2 osteoarthritis and shouldering of the base of the thumb joint.
I am slightly concerned because a few months ago when my thumb first began to be a problem I also told my doctor that my shoulders, ankles and knees were aching. Except for my thumb the other problems subsided. Recently I have noticed a strange creaking noise in both knees especially when I climb stairs. I think my dr did a RA test and presume it was negative as she never got back to me about this.
Also the osteoarthritis in the thumb seems to have developed over about 5 months as first x ray shown no sign of arthritis and now it shows bone spur.
Thank you for any help you can give me with the above.
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