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Upper arm pain for 2 yrs, now up to the shoulder

I am a walking (barely) medical problem.

2008 I began to have pain in my upper right arm.  Mornings mostly, but went all day. Just a nuisance, but a nuisance for 2 years! A few weeks ago, my shoulder jumped in.  The pain I have is when I start to raise my arm until I get about shoulder height my arm and shoulder hurt so bad! I can move my arm behind me with no pain, but reaching is out of the question.  Every day it gets worse. It wakes me up at night.  My back surgeon took an xray and shrugged it off as arthritis/tendinitis.  Big whoop. So my family doctor has set me up for a referral for physical therapy.  But - is there anyone out there that has gone thru this?  Or knows anything about it?  Using my arm more DOES NOT help it, so don't suggest that!  I'm hoping it doesn't have anything to do with my cervical.  Since my hands haven't healed all the way, is there a possibility this is related to the compressed disk I had work on?  help, please!

Here's a little history describing what this medical problem child has gone thur:
In 1999 I had brain surgery to remove an AVM, then acquired a severe infection - but overcame. Only I also acquired grand mal seizures since then. Controlled now.  

Then, in 2006 I had a laminectomy with fusion on my L4 thru L6 for severe spinal stenosis.  
Shortly afterwards my hands, mainly my palms, thumbs and first two fingers became numb, unable to control i.e. when needing to type, etc., burning pain, touch pain, can't feel texture, unable to control pressure (carpet is FULL of stains from picking up a drink (no - just soda, coffee, etc) and have it fall right thru my hand.  So, I had a laminectomy with fusion done on my C4 thru C6.  My hands are better, but the same pain but just more mild.  At least I can type now.  This is a constant pain, gets worse at night.  Sometimes I have to use a bag of frozen peas on them.  

Ok, on to 2008, I had another laminectomy with fusion from my L6 to S1.  Use a cane, have walker within reach.

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Dear Karri,
There are too many positive findings in your case.
Many thanks for posting the question via this forum.
I would suggest you to get a MRI of your shoulder along with full spine screening.
MRI shoulder - To know the real magnitude of the arthritis as well as to rule out any sort of rotator cuff muscle tear due to arthritis or even frozen shoulder.
Spine screening - This will  help us to know the present state of the laminectomies + Fusion and thus we can identify whether any new slip disc has happened or not.
Please be assured that these problems are commonly experiences when multiple spine surgeries are performed.
So just get these investigations done and let me know,
Feel free to discuss more.
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