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What is causing this feeling?

I have a problem raising my right arm! Let me explain! Do you know how people imitate flapping their arms like a chicken? Well,when i try to do this movement ,it feels like there is something locking up inside my arm where the tricep and the shoulder come together Maybe the bones in that joint are rubbing together. I don.t know! Can you explain this pain i am having
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Dear Friend,
Well if you are having pain in that region then you may have-
1) Rotator cuff tear or weakness.
2) Early frozen shoulder, if you are more than 45 years and/or have diabetus.
3) Some Calcific Tendinitis.
What i would suggest you to meet an orthopaedician and then do an X-ray of the shoulder to confirm the diagnosis. Sometimes the diagnosis is not clear,then in those cases we need to do MRI scan to know more details. Once the diagnosis is confirmed then we can proceed to the treatment which  in general, is medications with physiotherapy, and if severe, will required surgery.
So meet an orthopaedician and lets plan accordingly.
Feel free to discuss further, in case of any doubts.
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