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What is this that I am experiencing?

I am a 35 year old male. About 1.5 months before, I had tremendous pain in my knee joint along with inflammation and pain in the muscles above the knee. Some days later, the pain subsided but ever since that time my leg muscles have been feeling weak. There is the occasional tremor in my left hand and fingers when I try lifting up something. I have muscle cramps and aches in my right leg especially in the front of the thigh and to the sides, just below the hips. There is however, no pain when I am at rest or asleep. I have had no sleeping problems whatsoever. My muscles ache when climbing stairs but there is no loss of strength. The same is the case with my hands which ache on exertion but without loss of strength. Jogging and light jumps are also not a problem. There are however certain points on the thigh where there is sometimes some light pain. However, it is only momentary and goes away. There is also some finger pain sometimes which also goes away soon. I also have slight muscle twitches that come and go but till now have not persisted. And I also have not noticed any loss of strength inspite of the muscle ache. After waking up in the morning, everything seems normal. But a little bit of activity and the aches start.
And also to add if it may be relevant my westergren level tested recently shows 28.
Wanting your opinions and suggestions.
I am afraid of my symptoms. Need your help and opinions.
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Dear Shantapicks,
I would still feel that your muscles are not being worked out properly.Maybe that was the reason why you are experiencing all these things.Due to improper muscle activities and too much pressure/stretching activities of the muscles, the tiredness in the muscles is seen.Also this result in occasional twitches.
The ESR is a bit high (28).But it can be due to many reasons.
I would simple suggest you to meet a good physiotherapist and do a proper work out of the muscles involved.
If it doesn't help,then we need to investigate you further.
Please feel free to ask me more questions.
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