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crepitus question

I have very slight crepitus in neck when i turn it to the right,. there is no sounds when I turn it to the left or up and down  I can sometimes only hear it only when it is pretty quite-even running the water in the sink or car noise will drown it out.  Other times it is a bit louder.  It is only in a certain spot in my movement where it happens and there is no pain.  I had a c3-5 fusion done 20 years ago due to a bad accident, and I was concerned about this noise.  Is this something to worry about?
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Dear Friend,
Crepitus on the neck is due to arthritis. It's more in your case as there has been a C3-5 fusion already done. The only thing presently required is MRI scan of the neck.

Reason of MRI scan is -
1) To know the bones and disc condition, inside the C-1 to C7 level.
2) To know, what is the present condition, of your fused vertebras.
3) To know, if the arthritis, is causing disc impingement or other issues.

Post the MRI scan, we shall know the situation in a better way. Meanwhile, you can start wearing a cervical collar, so as to get relief from this pain as well as prevent further damage. If the pain is bothering you too much, then it's better to have paracetamol also. Dosage being 500 mg , twice to thrice a day.

Please discuss, for further clarification.
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It took you almost 2 months to reply, and you still couldn't read the whole post?  I said NO pain, you moron.  What a waste of a few bucks.  I suggest you spend some time learning to use a calendar and getting a better grasp of English.  Dunno what cracker box you got your MD from, but I'm glad you're not my MD.  I look forward to your next response-maybe in November.  Again, you are such a moron.

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