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inflamation after microfracture procedure

Dear doctor,
I have been told that I have inflamation of the bone after a micro-fracture procedure that was performed unexpectedly, during an arthroscopy to my knee in June 09. I am 57 years of age. I cannot now straighten my leg and kneeling or walking without a limp is immpossible. Any information is given reluctantly and I have now been passed on to a new consultant who is very defensive also.
Before this I sometimes had a swelling to the back of my knee which may last for 2 or 3 weeks. I was told that this was a Bakers cyst. I was able to run, walk, kneel and hold my grandchildren without fear of my knee collapsing.
I understand that cartiladge repair was done during the arthroscopy. My knee is extremely swollen. the new consultant told me that nothing could be done but than said that he wanted to perform another arthroscopy to ( have a look)
Is there any treatment for inflamation of the bone? Can it spread? I am an NVQ Assessor but have not been back to work since June 09. Could a further arthroscopy benefit my knee or would I be better to seek alternative treatment.
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Dear Maz,
Well really it is difficult to diagnose the condition. I presume that some basic concepts were not taken care of, while giving the post operative care or phyiotherapy. It's only a presumption,please understand that.
Generally after creation of micro-fracture, the bleeding increases,inside the joints. But the surgeon counteracts it well via means of compression  bandage as well as a drain,if required.
But since the pain is at such an extent,that your activities of daily living are compromised, having a re-look is the only option available.
Hence i would agree for a re-arthroscopy,  but at the same time, would want you to take a second opinion, as it won't have any negative impact.
I hope you agree with me.
Feel free to discuss more.
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