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numbness and stiffness in hands, feet, arms and legs

Hi, I am a 19 yr old male, that started feeling numbness and stiffness a little over a month ago. It started after i was working out, I was sitting on the computer when the numbness suddenly started, but only in my toes and fingertips. I got it checked out a week later where they did some lab work, my blood results came back with a positive ana rating with a titer ratio of 1:80 which i understand is fairly low. Over time the numbness started spreading, first to my whole hand than up to my elbows, and now my upper arms are starting to feel a little bit as well. The same thing happened with my feet, first the toes, than the foot, now up to my knees. Even my face feels a little sore, only where the cheeks are. When I wake up in the morning, the symptoms are worse, my fingers are all stiff, the numbness on my legs are more noticeable and my elbows hurts as well. My fingers are all very weak, I can hardly hold a pen or even turn my key to open a door. I also seem to be losing more hair than normal, while in the shower if i wipe my hair a few times I see a few strands every few times I do it. I'm still going through a lot more tests, but so far nothing has shown up. If anyone has any information, I would greatly appreciate it.
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Dear Friend,
Many thanks for the post....and giving me an opportunity to answer you.

Well it appears that we are moving towards a stage where diagnosing RA (Rheumatoid arthritis) or even Lupus would be easy.
Small joint involvement is a classical example, and is associated with early morning stiffness.
So i would suggest you to seek a Rheumatologist's opinion and then we can conclude the diagnosis.
Most probably he would start on drugs called as DMRDS( Disease Modifying Anti-Rheumatoid Drugs) which acts of the immune system and hence control the inflammation.
I would just like to specify to you that if you have been diagnosed with RA/Lupus then the treatment would be aimed at controlling the disease rather than curing the disease.
However since the numbness is spreading a bit, so checking the blood for diabetes is also a good option (To rule out Peripheral Neuropathy).
Feel free to discuss further.

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