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osteoarthritis knee after arthroscopic menisectomy

dear sir,
i am a  63 year old man.a pediatrician, who was quite active till 6 months ago though occasional pain was felt in knees ( more on right side).after this i started feeling increasingly severe pain in right knee which forced me to stop my morning walk. on consulting orthopedic surgeon, a medial meniscus tear was detected in mri for which  arthroscopic menisectomy was done in mid november,2009. but to my dismay, instead of expected improvement my condition has become much worse. now, i feel quite stiff in right knee and leg in morning and it is painful to put foot on ground.though, i am walking but not without pain and limping.the joint has become quite unstable and it is painful to use stairs or walk on uneven surface. no investigation supports infection but a fresh mri shows more degenerative changes in the joint.according to some orthopedicians tkr is the only answer but i am hesitant.
what my case looks like and is there any scope of improvement? if yes please advise.
thanks and regards,
bareilly, india  
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Dear Doc saab,
Well frankly above 50, we are bound to get meniscus problems due to the beginning of arthritis. So doing arthroscopy at this age was not a solution.
I would hence ask you, not to take further opinion from the same doctor.

You need a TKR definately with the present symptoms.
Hence why not go for it? It will reduce the pain , mental agony and help you lead a quality life. Is there any fear in your mind?

Please discuss..
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