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side effect of Remicade?? or what??

Hi, my mother is 51 years old and she has rheumatoid arthritis for about 13 years already. She is 5'1" and weights 100lbs. The last past 6 years she has been on remicade. Remicade works so well on her, that as soon as she receives the treatment she feels really well, but the pains and stiffness start to return as soon as the medicine starts to wear off. Lately, she have been complaining about shoulder pain, she describes it sort of the pain u get when u dislocate ur shoulder, not sure if it is from the arthritis because it doesn't really get better not even with the remicade treatment. I think it could be the fact that she is a CNA and does a lot of physical work at her job. The biggest thing she has been complaining lately is a lump that she feels on top of her head. She says that the lump changes in size and some times it hurts really bad, it itches, burns (burning sensation that kinda travels), and hurts really bad (this pain wakes her up at night). Sometimes she says that putting ice on it relieves the pain, but lately not even ice is doing it. The pain comes and goes, so today and tomorrow she might be fine and the day after tomorrow she might get another pain attack. The arthritis doctor said he doesnt know what it is, so that lead us to an empty street. Been trying to research online but nothing comes up. I am wondering if it is a symptom from menopause since she doesn't get her period since April.  Please let me know what do u think it is and what kinda doctor to see.... I know we should go to a family doctor and leave it to them, but sadly i dunno trust family doctors since they fail to diagnose me with GBS back 2005. Any suggestion or idea will be greatly appreciated !!
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Dear Friend,
Many thanks for posting the question through this forum and allowing me to guide you.
RA is a form of autoimmune disease where the joint cartilage is destroyed at a high pace,making the movement of the joints painful, eventually resulting into pain at rest also.
The disease follows an irregular pattern ie can flare up and then be quiescent for a long time. The main treatment of RA is suppressing the flaring up of the disease , thus we can prevent the speed of the joint destruction.
Remicare is "infliximab" which also prevents the flaring up of the disease.There is no absolute cure for RA.It requires medications which can control it.
A good Rheumatologist would be able to guide you in a much better way. I understand that you are not trusting the doctors much at this moment, but faith would be required.So i would request you to have a check up planned with the famous Rheumatologist of your region for further planing about the disease control.
Regarding the lump on her head, the same doctor and refer her also to the higher centers.If the lump doesn't changes it's size or is not tender(painful in touch), things are perfect.However since you have said that it's changing the size and hurting sometimes, that's not a good sign and we really need to get her a good checkup to rule out other complications of RA.
Feel free to write for further discussion.
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