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sore bones

i was born with clubfeet and only one of my feet are corrected which is my right foot. now that i am older and neglected the foot i have pain in it, and my foot has turned inward so it hurts alot, my body aches all the time i thought the pain was coming from me walking but now im hearing that the pain can be coming from arthritus. i need advice  so please help me figure out what type of medicine do i need to get
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Dear Friend,
Neglected club-feet are really difficult condition.
The reason you are having pain is due to the fact that the weight transmission is happening in a faulty manner.
It's due to the same reason, arthritis has set up in the various joints, which is he root cause of the pain. The alternation in the various joint angles has let to improper weight transmission, causing cartilage damage and destruction, causing arthritis..

Medicines will give a temporary treatment now. But for long term effect, it will get failed, as the cause of pain is not getting answered here.
So i would recommend you to meet a good orthopaedician and discuss with him the success rate of joint fusion and the prognosis...

If still you have got questions, feel free to discuss...
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