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suffering from osteoarthritis

IAM 65 YRS OLD IAM SUFFERING FROM PAIN MY LATEST X-RAY REPOR IS- left knee ap/lat mild lipping is shown in lt patella.joint space is insreased.osteoarthritis with synovititis &x ray L-S SPINE AP/LAT osteophytic lipping is shown in all the lumber vertebra.disc space are dimini shed in between L4/L5&S1 VERTEBRA.MILD SUBLUXATION OF THE interface al joint of L4 over L5 vertebra.lumber spondylosis with subluxation of interfacetal joint of L4 over L5 vertebra.PLEASE ADVICE.THANK YOU
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Dear mikki_mitun04,
There are a lot of findings in your X-Ray report.Lets begin with the Knee.The body is like a machine where , on day to day basis lots of wear and tear takes place.But simultaneously it repairs itself.However after a particular age, the repairing decreases.This is nothing but the Arthritis factor.The cartilage in the joint are destroyed and replaced by fibrous tissues and bone growth to overcome the lost part, but cartilage is never reformed.This is evident by the lipping or what we call as Osteophytes. I would suggest you that consult your orthopaedician and if the pain is severe, Replacement surgery would be a good option.
Lets come to spine.Spondylosis is the slipping (Subluxation) of the 2 adjacent vertebrae over the joint (called as the facets).The main treatment is Physiotherapy as 90 of the cases get resolved with it.Here also, the Orthopaedician would surely help you out, with proper clinical evaluation.
Hope my answer was clear to you.
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Thank you doctor.I am undergoing  Physiotherapy(Traction) I take Traction at home my self on a regular basis as per the weight prescribed by the doctor.My question is this can I take traction on regular basis?Can you suggest the duration?Is there any side effect of Traction ?                                            
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Dear Mikki_mithun,
Well traction surely helps.You can take it on regular basis.It's advisable to take it continuously for  hours minimum, without any interruption.
There is no side effect for you, if you take traction.
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Thank you doctor.
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Dear Dr, what does this mean?
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