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arthritis in my hip

i am a 72 year female i have diagnoised with arthritis in my hip and was offered a new hip.but was told i was high risk of blood clots hear attack and stroke which has terrified me.i have looked for alternatives to surgery but so far cant find any thing.i am in a lot of pain most of the time but especialy at night.i cant take antinflametrys because of my blood preasure.please can any one help me.
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I've had arthritis since three years old. I've had both hips replaced at 30 years old. The right his has been replaced six times. The left two times and never any complications or infections. The last revision (replacement after original replacement)  was when I was 61. The reason for the multiple replacements on the right hip is because the bone grafts from cadavers didn't take until they removed some bones from my pelvis and used those. Now everything is fine and NO pain.
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This is such a complicated situation!  What about physical therapy?  Although it is uncomfortable, if your doctor okay's it, you are better to keep moving and try a little exercise.  Try hot and cold therapy (ice packs and heating pads).  Or did you end up having the surgery?
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Are you working with a pain management doctor? If not, you should definitely ask for a referral.  They are in the best position to offer you options to help manage the pain without risking side effects due to blood pressure.
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