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43F, illness followed by joint pain/rash - HELP!!

Hello.  I'm a 43 year old female. I have been ill for the past month comprising 2 weeks (sulpher) diahorrea followed by tiredness for 1 week, then 1 day diahorrea followed by tiredness for a further week together with pain in upper back (like someone has kicked me).  2 days ago I had knee pain/finger pain in the morning and by teatime both knees were affected and most finger joints.  Yesterday elbows were slightly painful as well.  Today not only have these symptoms got slightly worse, my elbows and wrists are also becoming sore and my knees are really painful - it seems to be getting worse by the minute.  Also my neck hurts and I have a small lump on the back of my neck which appeared this morning.  I feel a weird pressure within my rib cage also.  This evening I can't sleep - as I couldn't get comfortable.   My hands, arms and legs almost have a numb/burning feeling to them.  Got up and I've got a rash on arms/legs and face/neck which feels like skin is crawling - my legs feel swollen.  I've got an appointment in 2 days time to get blood tests - but does anyone have any idea what's happening to me?
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Hi, I'm Spastic Ada and I read your post.  When I read it, I had a sense of de-ja-vu.  I have Stills Disease and it is a very rare arthritis.  The symptoms are joint and muscle pain, a salmony pink color rash that can be bumpy or flat, and daily spiking fevers.  It is a very hard arthritis to dx because the RF and ANA are negative.  On my profile I have pictures of what my rash associated with Stills looks like.  You are welcome to take a look.  It is very important to keep a daily journal of symptoms because it can help get it dx'd a lot sooner.

I hope you start feeling better soon.

Spastic Ada
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Thanks for your great comments  I've checked into your Stills Disease and it appears that 100% of sufferers have fevers - which I haven't had.  I guess this is good news because I don't think I can have Stills Disease (although everything else rings true!), but the bad news is I now can't label it!.  Thank you so much for your help though - I want to wish you all the best for the future :-)  I've also taken your advice and have listed all my symptoms  ready for the doctor when my blood results come back next week - because I know I'll forget them otherwise.

Take care, Nicola x
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