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9 yr old son diagnosed with "Juvenile Arthritis"

Hi there,

My son, 9 yrs old, has been diagnosed with having "Juvenile Arthritis".

It all started about 7 months ago when he developed a weird left knee that was hurting for the first 5 hours of the day, then disappeared and when sitting still and then walking again, he would have pain and limping again.

Took him to Physio.  Physio done some treatment and then referred us to get Xray.  Xray was normal.  Then GP referred us to Orthopeadic Surgeon who also examined him, did some bloodtests and sonar on knees/hip/torso.

Bloodtests came back as high positive for "Juv Arthritis" and now we are awaiting an appointment to go and see Ped Rheumatoid Spec.  in the meantime Ortho Surg. started him on 10mg of Peroxicam per day!

I googled the topic a bit and don't really know what the future and prognosis for my son is.

Any info?
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My son, Marco, has now started taking Peroxicam in the mornings, but the limping still persists and it is very cold here in the mornings.  He wants to start playing Footy, but I don't know what he is allowed and what not.  We can only see the Pead. Rheumatoid Spec. on the 20th of June.

His left knee and arms are symptomatic.  What type of sports are he allowed?  any ideas?
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Hi there!

Well, prognosis in JRA would depend on a few conditions such as severity of joint involvement, number of joints involved, extra-articular manifestations, treatment, time of treatment initiation etc. Most cases with few joints involved and early treatment respond well to management and improve gradually over time to a normal adult life. It would be best to discuss the situation and the expected prognosis in detail with his treating rheumatologist.
Hope this is helpful.

Take care!
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