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ANA Results

I have posted before and now have test results.  I requested a CBC as I am always tired and have been for several years.   The CBC showed little but in having further blood work my hemoglobin count was a bit elevated, although I was not given a number and my ANA was 180.  I have been referred to a rhumotologist but it will take up to a month to get an appointment.  A few years back I went to a Dr. with a facial rash and he felt it was lupus but my DR. treated me with myoclin (sp?) for roscea.  I have taken it when I have a flare up and it does seem to work.  I have allergy symptoms with burning eyes, have a hard time staying awake, have had aching joints and bones, stiff neck, rash on thigh and in mid back etc.  I have been reading info on chronic fatigue and fibro and must say it sounds just like me.  My concern now is the ANA and lupus.  I have not had a weight change and have no swollen muscles joints or fever.

1.Does the elevated ANA point to Lupus and not CFS or Fibro?

2. My father had non-hodgkins lymphoba, would that have an elevated ANA or hemoglobin count?

3. The Dr. had me on Effexor 75 mg. for depression but has decided to cut back as she feels this could be causing the problem.  Can Effexor affect the ANA count?

4.  How elevated is the ANA?

Waiting another month is hard because I have 2 major concerns  Lupus and Lymphoba.  I have a book about CFS and Fibro and it but it doesn't mention ANA counts which concerns me.
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To answer your questions:
1) The positive ANA may be suggestive of lupus.  By itself, it is not a specific test, as other diseases can elevate the ANA as well.  

2) The ANA is not diagnostic for non-hdgkins lymphoma.  A lymph node biopsy should be considered if this is the case.

3) I am not aware of Effexor affecting the ANA.

4) An ANA level of 1:180 is moderately elevated.  I agree with the rheumatology consult for further evaluation.

Followup with your personal physician is essential.

This answer is not intended as and does not substitute for medical advice - the information presented is for patient education only. Please see your personal physician for further evaluation of your individual case.

Kevin, M.D.
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What other deseases have an elevated ANA count?  Could that also be Fibro or CFS?
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One test to include in your blood work would be the HLA 27B it is a gene that shows up in rhematic arthritis diseases, especially ankolosing spondylitis, I also had a postive ANA facial rash fatigue, muscle pain joint pain, after going to doctors for the past five years I was finally diagnosed with AS. The thing is that they usually don't test for this. I thought I would go mad, The pain is so bad now, the gene amplifies the pain, that is why alot of the time, a woman whom after series of doctors visits and has had extensive tests but still cannot find a dianosis, is put on anti depressants becasue they are classed as whiners or basically despressed, I can understand the anxiety that being ill and no- one really understanding you or believing that you are in so much pain, If you have the gene then you will be in pain, especially in the knees, lower back ribs. it can affect any joint, tendon ligament throughout the body.  I hope that you get to see the doctor soon and that you can have some assurance that everthing will be ok, but more often it is a slow process in getting a diagnosis,so I hope that you have a good support sysytem at home. good luck and god bless
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Hi, Thank-you for the information.  My RF factor came out negative which I assume means I do not have a rheumotoid related desease but I am just guessing.  Does anyone know if that is what it means?
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The RF (Rheumatoid Factor) blood test is most commonly present in patients' who have rheumatoid arthritis. But the RF also helps physicians' monitor other diseases like lupus & Sjogren's Syndrome.

I have read that 15% of fibromyalgia patients' have positive ANA's. I'm also reading that many CFS patients' have postive ANA's as well (and my rheumatologist told me the same thing). My ANA titer is high at 1:640 and I have CFS.

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I just got my ANA test results back.  1 to 640.  From what I am reading it is high.  They are sending me to a RA specialist.
I initialy went in because I woke up and had very little use of my hand.  There was a small soft lump on the top of my hand, at the base of my thumb but not on the wrist. Painful... I thought it was a cyst on some nerves.  X rays showed no arthiites.
After three weeks I have regained use and lump is slight.
The MD ran blood work and said my ANA was not good 1 to 640.  
Any idea with numbers that high what auto immune disease I may be looking at?
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RF is not present in ankylosing spondylitis, but is a chronic form of arthritis, it can cause stiffness, fatique,numbness, tingling, i had a postive ANA, etc but was negative for lupus. this is a test worth having because most of the time this systemic dsease goes undetected in women!
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I am back!  I waited 3 months for my appointment today with a rheumatologist.  He asked my symptoms, had me bend my arms and legs, felt my neck and that was basically it!  He gave me something to help sleep at night because he said a light sleep makes your bones and muscles wake up and want to move, thus may be my problem.  He ordered my physician to do more blood work, noted that my ANA titer was a bit elevated.  He said the blood work was just to cross all the t's and dot all the i's.  After a 3 month wait, I have no information and was out in 15 minutes!  I still have:  a hoarse voice with a feeling something is stuck in my throat, pains in my calve muscles,  various muscle and joint aches and my neck and shoulders are always sore, stiff and painful.  I am always tired.  To the point that I literally cannot keep my eyes open( I nap between classes) and have fallen asleep talking on the phone.  I am a busy mom and PE teacher and I do not know what else to do or where else to go.  I pushed my Dr. for a complete cbc and she did all kinds of additional blood work and because of the ANA sent me to a specialist.  I am dealing with the Canadian Health care system and am not a complainer.  I just do not know what to do!   HELP!!!!  Any suggestions?
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Dear angeljoy, I read your comments and I have the same problems your having, but I also have, my hands are swelling with a rash on my knuckles. My rhemo. said, he thought I may have Sjogrens.  My eyes and mouth are dry and with a very thick mucus when I spit after brushing my teeth. My ANA was 1:80 last year and only 1:40 this time.  He told me it wasn't in my head (like other drs. I've seen).  He also said, he thought it would eventually show up in a ANA in the future if did'nt show a higher ANA this time.  I'm waiting for my new results.  It is very important to find a specialist that is willing to take the time and is very caring.  It's taken me 2 1/2 years to find one.  I did it by asking people if they knew anyone that had fibro.  I figured, with so many regular drs. not believing fibro. was real (it's in your head), I would find someone that has found a good Rheum. that reconized that these illness can take time to show theirselves.  Don't lose faith nor let anyone convince you that it is in your head.
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