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Does anyone suffer from arthritis in the neck? If so, what are your symptoms?
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I have arthritis in most of my joints, but I have more than one type of arthritis too.  If you are looking for symptoms of osteoarthritis in the neck, they include pain, stiffness, tenderness, weakness, tingling or soarness in the arms, headaches and even balance problems.
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I have all of the symptoms that you listed but...the DR states that the balance (dizziness) is not from the arthritis. I also get severe pressure in the ears and head when I start to do almost anything and move my head in different directions. I dont know if I should persue another diagnosis for the "extra" symptoms?
In your opinion,what is the best therapy/meds ?
After about 3 hours of normal daily stuff, it my head/ears hurt so bad I get to the point of exhaustion and have to quit what I am doing and lay down with ice/heat/advil.
Any info would be appreciated
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It is possible that the balance issue could be from something else so you should have it checked out.  That was one of my many symptoms and I saw a neurologist and ENT to rule those out as causes.  Once my arthritis was successfully treated, the balance issues went away.  The tricky thing about the meds for arthritis is that everyone needs their own " cocktail" to get the desired result.  As I have autoimmune forms of arthritis, what works for me will not be appropriate for someone with osteoarthritis.  What tests have they done?  Is it osteoarthritis?  What kind of doc are you seeing?
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I have arthritis in my neck but it is interrelated with a really bad case of TMJ.  The two seem to go hand in hand!  I have all the symtoms you listed except for the dizziness.

Recently I did a two month round of PT which really helped to loosen up the neck.  I also see a chiropractor and a neurologist.  The neurologist has me on Effexor and Nortriptyline.  All of this has helped some but not completely.  My neck is still stiff (not nearly as bad) and the jaw still gives me a heck of a time.  
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I was diagnosed with arthritis in my neck as well as my C5 and C6 have spurs.  My symptoms are really back headaches in the back of my head and radiates to the left side of my head.  I get dizzy and nauseated.  I have excruciating pain in my neck, and I have a hard time sitting up too long without my neck hurting.  I have tenderness in the back of my neck and head.  It hurts to lay on the back of my head at times. I also have tenderness going up toward my ears.  It hurts to raise up my arms because my shoulders give out.
My pressure pain is like yours
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I have  oa an spurs in neck,I have a lot of pressure,in neck around ears,in back of head. When pressure is intense my head feels like it's as big as the earth,numb in head an face an neck.an blurry vision . My spurs are pushing on my spinal cord
Doing neck injections but they don't seem to help going for my second one on the 21
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