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Any ideas asap please...

okay so im 18 and used to do a load of sports when younger i never got any serious injurys just bruises twisted ankles etc as i got older i stopped doing sports and my job is a desk job so im sitting for like 6 or so hours a day...however when i walk my right knee i can like feel it crack when i walk. its uncomfy when i walk because i can feel this it doesnt hurt it gets stiff etc i'm unsure whether it could be artritis or could it be cartilage damage or something along those lines whenever i crouch down to pick something up or just stand up from seat i hear and feel it crack usually both knees when doing this , any ideas??? i did go to the doctors a year ago or so and he said it could be coz im growing....

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It sounds like you might have Patella Femoral Syndrome, I had it when I was younger and your symptoms sound like mine back then.  Google it and see if that sounds like you.  What I did back then for it was strengthing up my thigh muscles, and it worked.  But years later, I have arthritis in my knees and I'm only 31!!!  Keep me updated.

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hey thanks i googled it and thats just definetly right for me !! but do you think i shud go to the docs as the webby i was on saying you cant really do much ????/
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