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Any solution to post ParvoVirus infection 8yrs on?!

Hi everyone! Desperately seeking advice/guidance/anyone else out there struggling like me.... Suffered parvoviral B19/ 5th disease/ "slapcheek" nearly 8yrs ago! Left me with RA symptoms, swollen, painful, hot joints (especially hands & knees) but generally all joints sore, affecting mobility according to flare-ups! Totally turned my life upside down and thoroughly feel let down by nhs! 'Cos not typical RA case (still some uncertainty if is RA now) haven't responded to all treatments - just suffered side-effects! Final insult - offered anti-depressants! Anyone out there offer any help? Anything to just have a day free of pain!
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Hi, I am a new member and am also suffering from post viral fatigue and muscle/joint pain from parvovirus B19. I was diagnosed with a current infection in May 2010 after getting very ill with chest pain, shortness of breath and heart palpitations. It took several weeks to get to the bottom of it, and then several more weeks to find a drug that would help. I was very frustrated, angry, upset and was also recommended to take AD's. I was insulted at first, as this is a very real physical illness, but they did help me to cope with the chronic pain and debilitating effects of the disease. I found that 20mg of Elavil before bedtime was a fantastic pain killer - it is used a lot in fibromyalgia sufferers. 10mg Cipralex helped me to calm down, relax and concentrate on beating this. I am now off the Cipralex, but still taking the Elavil. I hope it continues to work, because the pain is unbearable at times.

I'm so sorry you are still suffering 8 years on. If you haven't tried Elavil yet, talk to your Dr about it.Side effects are worth putting up with (nightmares, dry mouth), and they go away after a few weeks use.

Good luck.
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