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Arthritis after hip replacement???

Can you have osteoarthritis pain recur AFTER a hip replacement?  

I have had both hips replaced (THR); the first 16 years ago and the second 7 years ago.  The first hip is still doing fine -- hardly know it ever happened.  However during the past year the second hip has become quite painful: pain felt in the groin (as hip pain often is) with bending & rotating the hip joint, much like before surgery.  Seems weird, but is it possible to have arthritis pain recur when the hip isn't there any more?
I see the surgeon every couple of years for a check, & would expect to see him in the fall.  But I am curious as to what could be causing this, and if anyone else has had this experience.
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Hi, I've had both hips replaced, too. No. 1 was in 1997, No. 2 in 2000. In '08 I started experiencing pain in No. 1, in the groin area again. Turns out the plastic acetabular (hip socket) liner had worn thin and needed to be replaced. I was  bit disappointed b/c I was told it would last 15 - 20 years if I was careful, and I am. I suspect there was a manufacturer's defect, because No. 2 is now 11 years old (same age as the first one when it went bad) and still in perfect condition. Unfortunately I can't any information on recalls for that time period.

Ask for an x-ray that shows both your hips. If the socket liner is wearing thin, you'll feel it in your groin and see it on the x-ray. Fortunately, the surgery to have the socket replaced isn't as bad as the original surgery. They let you walk on it right away, whereas - at least with my original surgery - i was non-weightbearing for six weeks, partial for six weeks, then allowed to bear full weight.

My surgeon replaced the head of the femoral implant as well, though there was nothing really wrong with it. She figured two new parts were better than one old and one new.
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Thanks!  That is not something I would have thought of at this point, altho I know that the plastic liner is the "vulnerable" part of the insert.   Sounds like your surgeon is a smart one to go ahead & replace the whole thing, tho.
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