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Arthritis in hips and spine

Hi..  Has anyone else got arthritis in hips and spine? I was recently diagnosed & was very shocked to say the least. Luckily its minor at the moment & I can still exercise. Getting up out of bed or if I've sat down for a while is another story.
This diagnosis has spurred me into action to tackle my weight as my Dr says I'd be less stiff if I wasn't carrying around my excess weight.
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Hi I too have rheumatoid arthritis in my lower spine and my right hip, I take 3 to 4 tramadol a day depending on what I need to do, I dont like taking them because of the side effects , but they do help with masking the pain for a while, can any one tell me if they use any different meds to cope with severe pain.and allso I have heard about something the doctor can give you to slow down the arthritis.
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Hello, I too live in the UK.  I have arthritis in my spine and early arthritis in both my hips.  At the moment I am in severe pain.

Ibuprofen did not help me as it gave me an internal bleed.  I refused spine injections, and I do not like taking strong painkillers.  I take paracetamol and try to keep supple.  I have always liked walking, but lately I cann ot even do that comfortably.  Been crying today with the pain.

I have bought several books about Arthritis, and they advocate certain exercises and taking cod liver oil, and having a good diet.  Like you say, losing weight also helps.  Yes sitting for long is the most painful as it compresses our spine.  I walk around my little bungalow as much as I can, but am sad I cannot go out walking (usually for about 45mins about 3 times a week).  I am a bit overweight too, so9 yes, perhaps we can encourage each other to lose some wight.

Take care
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Hi there,

I have rheumatoid arthritis in all my joints, including my spine. It's important to try to maintain some kind of exercise program and keep your weight under control.

I am bad for sitting at the computer for long periods of time, which doesn't help with the stiffness! Do you take anything for the pain, like an over the counter or prescription NSAID?
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