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I have arthritis, have had it for years. I am only 38, but it has grown to other parts of my body in the several years since first diagnosed. How can I find out what kind of arthritis it is? When I ask the nurse one time she told me I would have to undergo testing to find this out. Is there any other way?
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There are many reported cures for rheumatoid arthritis, but it isn't clear which may work in your case, of if any can work at all.
For sure you have to have a clean diet (no sugars, no starches, no artificial components that can potentially create issues, no sodas, plenty of water - this is the easy part, in a way). Also enough vitamin D etc. plus exercise (indispensable to move fluids around).

After that are possible food allergies. Hard to test, or possible to test by elimination, starting with very few non allergic foods and testing ea one at a time.

Finally it can also be due to a microbial infection. This used to be treated with minocycline, which you have to take with gut flora replenishers since it is an antibiotic. The results are reported to take about 6 months.

If you do go along any of these avenues, please report back any success/ failures.

I did get rid of a starting arthritis condition in my shoulder with a change of diet years ago, despite the predictions of my docs, so I know some cures are possible, at least in some cases.
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Hi, I've had rheumatoid arthritis since age 5 and am now 50. You need to see a rheumatologist. I urge you to seek treatment soon from a specialist. Without the information proper testing can provide, whoever is treating you now is just shooting in the dark. Please go to a rheumatologist now to avoid possibly permanent joint damage in the future! This isn't going to just go away on its own, so don't let fear jeopardize your future.
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Have you had any blood tests run?  Any x-rays?  You have a right to the results so should get those.  How have they been treating you if they don't know what type?  You need to get to a rheumatologist for a prooper diagnosis and treatment.
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