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Arthroscopic hip surgery anyone?

I have degenerative osteo-arthritis all throughout my spine. Recent X-rays show both hips with degeneration, and a piece of bone  broken off. My pubic symphysis is also fusing itself. My PCP has recommended I see a specialist for arthroscopic surgery, to, in his words, "put off my hip replacments". Yikes! Anyone had this done? How long did it last? Was the recovery period very long? If I have to have surgery, why not do it once and be done with it?  Any ideas appreciated. Thanks.
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Just bumping this up with hopes that someone with experience in this area responds.
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I can't believe anyone hasn't had this done! I am seeing the orthopedic specialist today. I will post the results on that visit, in hopes that I can help someone else on this forum. I can't believe I am the only one suffering from this, and wish there were more people on this forum willing to help others. Thank you TrudieC  for bumping this up and trying to help me.
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Hi im nat 30 yrs old. I had an arthroscopy done about 5 wks ago but it was for my hips not my spine. Iv had major surgery before on my hips so the arthroscopy felt minor compared to wat iv had done already. Honestly its key hole surgery and I was tender for about a month.  I got told people walked out of surgery without crutches but I most certainly needed them 4 a good week. 5wks on my muscles r still tender but im ok. I have got full degenerative osteoarthritus wiv no fibro cartilage repair so im now needing a hip replacement. I hope ur arthroscopy goes or went ok n I wish u a pain free day ")
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