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Can someone have ankylosing spondylitis symptoms but NOT be AS?

Hello everyone!

Thank you for reviewing my post.  I know that diagnosis cannot be made by simply listing symptoms... which is why I was examined by my doctor this past week and am awaiting results of my blood test.

But the wait is killing me.  And I’d like some answers/guidance.

Here’s my story:  2 months ago I awoke with lower back pain.  It lingered during the day.  It was localized in my lower back.  Since then I’ve had some degree of back pain in the morning.  Ranging from a 1 to a 10 in pain.  

Some nights it even wakes me up as early as 5am, and others at 6am.  I go to bed around 12midnight.

Other symptoms that have emerged is an intense anxiety.  Idk what’s that about but it’s random.  

Three nights ago was the worse.  I woke up with the worst back pain.  Lasted through the day.  It’s scary cause it usually goes away as the day goes on but not 3 days ago.

Anyway, I explained all this to the doctor and am awaiting results BUT...

No one in my family has ankylosing spondylitis.  Arthritis, yes but no AS.  Can it still be AS?

I neglected to tell my doctor that when it first happened I was pushing myself in regards to weights.  I’m a little guy and was curling 45lbs in each hand.  But they’re on the floor so I must bend down to get them and I think I might have strained my back.  Could a strain or muscle injury mimic textbook ankylosing spondylitis symptoms?

Thank you for taking the time to read my post and share your insight.  I value it.
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